Thursday, October 22, 2009

Setting the Tone

This week I have been doing shop critiques for some lovely people on
I have noticed that people aren't focusing on their photography as much as they could be or should be. I wondered, are they intimidated by editing? do they think they need fancy gear?
I want to dispel any fears! In the coming weeks, I will be discussing photography tips and tricks specifically for Etsy!
Tonight, I am going to start by talking about tone of the photograph.
You think "This is a great picture! I can't wait to list this new item!"
Hold there for a moment tiger! have you thought about what type of mood (tone) you want to set with this piece?
photo editing tools are everywhere nowadays, I personally use GIMP, it's an open source software, and I absolutely love it!
GIMP is available here

So now here we are, talking about tone and mood. Why? People see your store and the items, and they need to be persuaded into buying your item. They might not buy something if the mood of the picture isn't the same as the mood of the item. This disjunction will make them go to another shop.
I am going to stop chattering now, and actually show you what I mean.

here is an item I sold (I used a cropped "headshot" of this but needless to say this is the original photo)

By adjusting towards either blue or yellow in the color balance tool, I can change the mood this photo emotes
DO NOT change the color balance so much that you mis-represent your work. This could lead to some serious issues when the buyer gets the item. If you are unsure about it, don't do it.

by adding more blue, I make it a cool tone, this helps set the "cold" and "icy" scene that I am trying to evoke.

by adding more yellow, I can heighten the "warm fuzzy" feeling of the pup seal.
This same tone is highly effective and used often in the baked goods market. Warm colors make people feel safe and happy.

by changing other colors along with the preliminary blue or yellow you can make the mood more complex

here, I added more cyan and a hint of green to the blue, I also lowered the brightness and slightly heightened the contrast, this darkens the mood a bit. This can be effective when selling "calming" items or stonework.
beware: some stonework should be used with a warm tone, it all depends on the hues present in the stone itself.

here we are with a yellow-green scheme. I also brightened this picture up along with lowering the contrast, this gives it a warm nostalgic feel, or maybe even a bright whimsical feel.

These are just a few examples, and this topic can get much deeper, which I hope to do next week if I can get the shop interview I want ;-)

I will be doing a full interview as well as a critique on the shop itself.

Hoping this helps, and feel free to comment with any questions you might have!


Monday, October 19, 2009


I finished this awhile ago, but hadn't had time to post it!
I had so much fun working on this!

Reinvention in the eyes of change.

So as my life is continuing it's odd spiral around, it is getting ready to fling me into a new direction. I plan on updating this blog at least bi-weekly.
I will feature my projects, the process of working on them and the much awaited finished prodcuts of each one.
I also want to feature a shop from Etsy, both from my Team (woot CreateCrochet!) and a non-team shop just to see what goes through their mind as they continue their process of creating their dreams.

Buona fortuna amici, buona fortuna!