Monday, December 14, 2009

Featured Shop - RoseLullabyDolls

This is my first installment of many featured shops to come.
I am so happy to use RoseLullabyDolls as my first feature! Here is a link to her shop on etsy -

I first came across her shop when I was working on a critique forum on Etsy, and was immediately drawn to her shop. The whimsical nature and uniqueness of her dolls really grabbed my attention.
Located in London, she started her online store in March. After poking around her profile and shop for awhile, I decided, 'why not use her as a featured shop on my blog?' 
A couple months later, swamped with school, I finally got an interview done over convo; here it is uncut!

BK: tell me a bit about yourself, and what you do when you aren't crafting

RLD: I'm Robyn, a mum; a set, costume and puppet designer for theatre and a Londoner

BK: what got you started crafting?

RLD: I've always made things, as long as I can remember. I've cut and stuck, knitted, crocheted, sewn, woven, drawn and painted forever and ever. I have an arty mum and it never crossed my mind that people could live without making things.

BK: How long have you been doing what you have been doing?

RLD: I've been making puppets and dolls for about 18 months, but the skills I use in making them - papier mache, model making, sculpting, dressmaking - these are all things I've been doing seriously since I trained as a theatre designer 8 years ago.

BK: what is the inspiration behind your dolls?

RLD: the materials I find around me, tall tales and people I see on the tube.

BK: What do you love most about your dolls?

RLD: I love seeing people fall in love with them. I love making miniature versions of strangers loved ones, I love finding the angle to photograph them at which they are looking straight down the lens of the camera, I love their personalities, I love playing with them.

BK: What do you want to accomplish in this next year? (whether it is in outside life or on etsy)

RLD: I want to work at putting on more exhibitions, I want to realise at least a small percentage of the ideas buzzing around my head, I want to make lots and lots and lots of puppet dolls and find them loving homes all around the world

BK: what do you love most about etsy?

RLD: The advice and support that is available. I hadn't a clue about photography when I started on etsy, now through nothing more than the advice I've found through the forums and the storque, I'm able to produce photographs I'm really proud of.

BK: Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself or your shop?

RLD: Just that I feel as though I've found the thing I'm meant to be doing and I'm so so grateful to etsy for giving me the confidence to pursue it, I've become involved in the real life art world recently, without the advice and support I've found on etsy I would never have had the confidence to do that.

Her story is truly a success in the power of Etsy and the worldwide community it presents to folks all over the world.

I plan on trying to get one featured shop every two weeks, so be on the lookout, you may be next!

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